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SF Investors Set to Profit From USD 73m Investment into Chayora

Standard Chartered Bank Principal Finance Real Estate ("SCB PFRE"), a unit of Standard Chartered PLC (LONDON: STAN), and Chayora Holdings Limited, have reached agreement for SCB PFRE to become the lead institutional investor in Chayora, securing a strategic minority stake and providing equity funding for key Chayora Data centre development projects.

Spread Your Risk

We’ve all heard of the old saying, don’t put all your eggs in the one basket. In the investment world, this means diversifying and spreading your investments over a wide array of sectors – most commonly, property, stocks and shares, pension funds and savings.

Would You Hand Your Hard Earned Cash to Just Anyone?

What would you do if a complete stranger came up to you asking for Ten Thousand pounds for his latest venture? If you are like most people, you’d probably politely tell him to go…. look elsewhere. But think about it for a moment… aren’t you doing just that when you push that invest button on your favourite crowdfunding platform? Who are you gifting that hard-earned cash to?

Is That Startup Business Really Worth £5 Million

So you’re about to invest in a start-up business that says it’s worth £5m quid? Did you know that recent research has revealed that entrepreneurs raising funds through equity crowdfunding, are only giving away on average 12.4% equity to early-stage investors? Now what does that mean? Well it’s not exactly generous for a company that more than likely hasn’t generated any revenue, let alone even proved its concept.

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Cityzenith Partners with Microsoft CityNext

Cityzenith today announced its participation in Microsoft CityNext, a global initiative empowering cities, businesses and citizens to re-imagine their futures and cultivate vibrant communities. Through the Microsoft CityNext initiative, Microsoft and Cityzenith will help leaders to do "new with less," by combining the power of technology with innovative ideas to connect governments, businesses and citizens with city services that increase efficiencies, reduce costs, foster a more sustainable environment and cultivate communities where people thrive.

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Savings-Related and Micro-Financing: a Real Game-Changer for ChillTech

The innovative ChillTech management team is finalising a structure with several traditional financing sources, microfinance groups and impact investing funds, to offer Energy Savings Agreements (ESA's) to customers. This is a game-changer for ChillTech's sales and distribution plans, as it will allow customers across the developed and developing worlds alike, to access the company's products under an operating services agreement, with no money down and no balance sheet effect, whilst guaranteeing the customer immediate energy savings.

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End of Year Tax – Don’t Forget About EIS & SEIS

With the end of the tax year just around the corner, investors will soon be able to take advantage of the benefits of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Both schemes were introduced by HMRC to help small, early-stage companies raise equity finance, by offering a range of tax reliefs to individual investors who purchase shares in those companies.

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Writing Business Plans

Go to any bookshop and you'll see that shelves groan under the weight of any number of guides telling you how to write a novel, a CV or even a will, but penning a letter to a business angel involves a different set of skills altogether.

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Is Your Business Investable?

At Shadow Foundr we see thousands of business plans every year. A lot of these businesses are great ideas and fulfil a real need in the marketplace. But most of the time, to take your business to the next level or even just to launch it, you'll need to secure some investment.

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