Supermeal – A USP to take on ‘Just Eat’ in the food delivery space.

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Supermeal has exploited an exciting and very lucrative gap in the online food delivery marketplace, which benefits customers and restaurants.

Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats and all the other major competitors in this market offer no incentive for consumers to use their services. Supermeal, on the other hand, saves you money through cash-back rewards when you order take-out meals through their platform, which encourages repeat business and more sign-ups.

Cash-back is stored in an e-wallet in your Supermeal account, which can be redeemed by buying from any restaurant on the portal.

Also, major competitors, e.g. Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats etc charge restaurants hefty commission fees to use their service (up to 30%) when their brand presence is not protected. Supermeal has ‘changed the game’ by drastically reducing the fees restaurants pay, to circa 7% and a mandatory 5% in cashback to consumers.

Restaurants are also provided with a subscription-based marketing platform to promote their brand; and not that of the third-party delivery platforms. Furthermore, Supermeal offers superior e-commerce and analytics features that provide the tools to widen their customer base.

This all means that Supermeal is trusted by both restaurants and consumers with more than 750 restaurants signed up to its platform and over 23,000 registered users.

Supermeal is seeking to raise funds to help accelerate its current strong levels of growth in the rapidly growing online food delivery industry. The opportunity is currently 58% funded, attracting some institutional interest from the Middle-East.

By 2023, the global size of this market is predicted to grow to USD$145.3b, with Supermeal aiming to exploit this significant opportunity.

To learn more about Supermeal, please click here.

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