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At the height of the last global financial crisis, more than 200,000 businesses were formed in the UK; and once the recovery was underway, start-ups increased exponentially, to a point where nearly 700,000 were formed in 2019.

Given the adaptation, innovation and creation of new companies seen in the last financial crisis, advances in technology since then, combined with a massive rise in unemployment and the deepest recession in living memory; an explosion of new companies is expected once the recovery is underway – not to mention many existing companies pivoting their business models.

This is Shadow Foundr’s “raison d’etre” – not only a reason to exist, but an opportunity to positively succeed and thrive, especially in an environment where governments will be forced to provide even further measures to support new businesses and replace lost jobs.

Uncertainty is the “new normal” and driven by necessity, the current technology revolution in finance, medicine, property, retail, big data, AI and so forth, will gather pace.

Since launching in 2015, Shadow Foundr has become one of the UK’s leading investment platforms by creating a unique funding eco-system for early-stage, high-growth companies. And it is these companies (in their hundreds of thousands) that will now be looking to embrace the myriad opportunities thrown up by the new normal.

With a newly rebuilt platform and a clear strategic vision, the foundation has been set and a robust business model is now in place, that will allow Shadow Foundr to navigate through any economic turmoil caused by the pandemic.

More importantly, it will allow the company to scale without incurring unsustainable losses and become one of the success stories in the global FinTech and equity-funding space.

To assist us in this objective, Shadow Foundr is raising up to £500k under a Convertible Loan Agreement (CLA), to be match funded by the UK Government’s widely publicised Future Fund (total raise of £1m).

This one-time opportunity is to purchase Shadow Foundr shares at a 20% discount, whilst making 8% per annum on your investment, through a Convertible Loan Agreement (CLA) drafted specifically for the Government-backed fund. The minimum investment is £2.5k.

If you wish to learn more, please click here to register your interest and we will be in touch with our overview document, the terms of the CLA, and next steps.

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