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– Vodafone to strengthen its fixed line local access solutions –

Genesis has secured a trial of their enterprise solutions with UK-based network provider, Vodafone. The trial will be held at Vodafone’s campus in Newbury, UK commencing the 30 March 2020.

Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile carriers, is also a quadruple-play telecom company utilizing in many instances a combination of its own acquired/built facilities as well as the incumbents’ networks.

Vodafone’s quadruple-play solution involve the provision of Internet, TV, fixed line and mobile services to enterprises in the UK and across their other 21 operating companies across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Vodafone has gained much traction across the regions but is being held back given fibre access restrictions. Genesis is therefore looking to assist in expanding Vodafone services across the UK and to all its other international operating companies by utilizing existing network infrastructure.

By utilising Genesis’ Subscriber Access Nodes (SANs) devices at the customer site, Genesis’ Access Service Manager (ASM) in the Exchange/Central Office and GSLAMs at the multi-tenant unit (MTU), the trial will demonstrate how Genesis’ line aggregation technology can boost bandwidths over fibre and copper circuits delivering gigabit broadband services.

The trial will initially focus on the Vodafone UK operating company and is then expected to be rolled out across their global services team supporting an additional 21 international networks making this one of the largest trial opportunities requested of Genesis to date.

The trial will validate various business cases of Genesis solutions in the Vodafone network targeting large urban enterprise buildings. One exciting use case will explore how Genesis technology can enable the delivery of superfast broadband in older constructions where legacy wiring currently prevents carriers from delivering effective broadband speeds.

It’s hoped the successful Vodafone trial will pave the way towards commercial sales where the potential number of enterprises served by Genesis technology could be in the tens of thousands.

“We are delighted to be working with Vodafone for the provision of quadruple play services to its target enterprise customers. The Vodafone trial is an exciting forward step on the Genesis journey, as a successful trial here in the UK would be quickly adopted across the Global Services Group and further deployed across 21 other countries/operating companies.” said Peter Khoury, Group CEO and General Counsel at Genesis Technical Systems.

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