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Minimising the impact of transport pollution on our environment and our health is a major priority for the public, government, and business.

EMSOL was founded in 2017 with a mission to help make an enduring difference in reducing transport pollution and improving air quality.

In order to fulfil EMSOL’s mission, accurate and easily accessible emissions insights are needed.

Currently, data analysts are under-resourced and over-worked, persevering with antiquated methods of using unspecific and retrospective emissions data. Even the newest, most expensive monitoring systems are inadequate.

EMSOL has created a much more effective method; a data-focused online dashboard platform which enables companies to proactively take action to improve air quality by identifying who, when, and where local air quality issues arise.

EMSOL provides real-time, specific evidence about emissions breaches delivered directly to data analysts’ mobiles so they can identify the problem immediately, and work towards improving air quality.

EMSOL uses sensor technology, presence detection, data analytics, and an IoT platform to reveal environmental insights, to enable rapid, permanent, and actionable change.

EMSOL identifies the cause of emissions breaches by connecting continuous air and noise emissions data to vehicles or assets (plant and machinery), tracing and accurately measuring presence detection.

These insights are utilised to perform targeted interventions, to control issues with emissions performance, malfunctions, vehicle movement, and identify the worst emitters (resulting from driver behaviour and specific vehicles).

EMSOL’s Senior Management Team consists of five talented people with a wide range of experience in a variety of sectors. They are unified by their drive for results, and their passion for the positive effect their product will have on the environment.

They include:

Freddie Talberg, the Co-Founder of EMSOL, who is an experienced founder and entrepreneur, with a long history of establishing and scaling businesses across the technology sector, including in transport, smart cities, and mapping.

Andy Heaton COO is a highly dynamic and energetic leader, with 20 years international experience in large technology companies, and 15 years in exciting, cutting edge start-ups.

Robert Parker is an accomplished CFO with a background in tech growth. He has the experience of 20 acquisitions and integrations and has been involved in two IPO’s which raised £300m.

Charles Watson CRO is a proven Sales and Marketing executive with over 25 years’ experience developing and managing results-oriented, customer-focused and revenue-driven tech sales and marketing teams.

Etienne Smith CTO is the Venture Director for MOHARA with 7 years of experience as an innovation consultant, lead developer, programme manager and venture CTO.

EMSOL is challenging business and local authorities to deal with transport pollution in a sophisticated way, by forming their own local emission limits based on air and noise quality data, and vehicle tracing.

EMSOL is already being deployed by local councils, fleet operators, and developers, to generate data-led insights and help these organisations act on the causes of transport pollution and manage vehicle activity.

EMSOL has had successful deployments in construction, rail, and waste refuge, and management believes there is huge potential to expand the scope of EMSOL within each of these sectors.

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