Air Pollution Costs the UK 40,000 lives & £54Bn pa

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Transport emissions are the biggest source of air pollution in the UK. It is estimated that there are 40,000 early deaths in the UK per year, as a result of air pollution.

High air pollution levels cause immediate health problems including aggravated cardiovascular and respiratory illness, added stress to heart and lungs, and damaged cells in the respiratory system.

Moreover, long-term exposure to polluted air can have permanent health effects such as accelerated aging of the lungs, loss of lung capacity and decreased lung function, development of diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and possibly cancer and an abbreviated life span.

Furthermore, the World Health Organisation estimates that the annual cost of air pollution and congestion in the UK is £54 billion, which accounts for 3.7% of GDP.

Therefore, in recent years, pressure has increased to take action to reduce air pollution. In 2015, a Supreme Court ruling demanded ministers take immediate action to cut air pollution. Following this ruling, five UK cities (Birmingham, Leeds, Southampton, Nottingham and Derby) set up Clean Air Zones (CAZ).

Vehicles are charged to access CAZ’s to reduce congestion, and thus reduce air pollution.

Determining where, when and to what extent to apply these CAZ’s is important because there has to be a balance reached between encouraging visitors into the city centre retail environment, while also reducing congestion.

Accurate and easily accessible emissions insights are therefore needed to find this balance, which is becoming easier because the digital transformation gives public authorities the ability to react to local conditions based on evidence.

However, currently, data analysts are under-resourced and over-worked, persevering with antiquated methods of using unspecific and retrospective emissions data. Even the newest, most expensive monitoring systems are inadequate.

EMSOL was founded in 2017 and has revolutionised this field with a much more effective method which finds out who, when, and where local air quality issues arise.

EMSOL’s data-focused online dashboard platform enables councils to take action to improve air quality (e.g. by applying CAZ’s) by identifying from whom, when, and where local air quality issues arise.

EMSOL provides real-time, specific evidence about emissions breaches delivered directly to data analysts’ mobiles so they can identify the problem immediately, and work towards improving air quality.

EMSOL is challenging business and local authorities to deal with transport pollution in a sophisticated way, by forming their own local emission limits based on air and noise quality data, and vehicle tracing.

EMSOL is already being deployed by local councils, fleet operators, and developers, to generate data-led insights and help these organisations act on the causes of transport pollution and manage vehicle activity.

EMSOL has had successful deployments in construction, rail, and waste refuge, and management believes there is huge potential to expand the scope of EMSOL within each of these sectors.

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