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In our previous post, we spoke about the absolute necessity to create a storyboard for your video and the content that you should cover off in your script.

But what about some of the more technical aspects and production values that will really you’re your video stand out? Here are some simple fundamentals to cover off when you are producing your video.

Use Simple Language – Jargon is your enemy when it comes to getting your message across. Dumb everything down, particularly if your product is technical. Explain things in everyday language that a 12-year-old could understand. If in doubt, read your script to someone who doesn’t you’re your business or sector, to see if they understand what it is you are trying to say.

Use Conversational Language – remember that you are speaking to people, so use normal conversational language. Using contractions for example, is absolutely acceptable, as you would normally use contractions wen speaking with someone. After you have written your script, read it out aloud and see if it makes sense from a conversational perspective. If it doesn’t sound right to you, it won’t sound right to the people you are speaking to.

Use Direct Language – Get your body language right and be confident and direct about what you are saying. Instead of saying “I am aiming to produce,” or “I hope to produce,” say “I am producing.”

Visuals – You won’t be able to physically shoot all of the vision you will need. Your storyboard will tell you what vision you will need, but it will also expose vision gaps and areas where you will need to fill the video with graphics, animations or slides.

Use Graphics & Motion Graphics – Once you know where the vision gaps are, you should hire a graphic designer or better still, an expert in motion graphics. Graphics and motion graphics can bring your production to life, and animations can also fill a vision gap. Separately, you can also put graphics on the screen to highlight points that then do not need to be spoken, saving you precious time and keeping your video at an acceptable length. Don’t be afraid to spend some money on a quality graphic designer or motion graphics professional. Their work will really bring your production to life.

Use People – It sounds silly, but a lot of founders fall into the trap of going overboard on animations and vision, and not using people. You and your team are what investors are buying into, so it is imperative that you feature prominently in the video. If you are uncomfortable doing the entire voice over, at least have a section where you are talking to the camera, and hence speaking with your potential investors. They will want to see you and understand who they are buying into. Believe it or not, you and your team are the best and cheapest talent for your video.

Music – Use music! Some appropriate music in the background will again bring your video to life.

Pay for a Voice-Over Artist – If you are really uncomfortable speaking, then pay for a voice-over artist. They are inexpensive and they will add an element of professionalism to your video.

Lighting – Many videos are ruined by virtue of poor lighting. Use bright lights, particularly when interviewing talent, so that your video looks the business. The best light is the sun, so if you can use the sun, you will always get a good result. Obviously, it’s easier to control the production values and lighting by shooting inside, so if you are shooting inside then use quality lights and backlight any on-camera talent.

Sound – Never record sound and vision from the same device at the same time, or if you do, plug a microphone in! Poor sound can be an absolute destroyer of videos, so test your sound and listen back to it, so as to make sure the quality will be acceptable for your final cut.

Buy in Expertise – The above is by no means an exhaustive guide, but these tips will help you attain a decent result with your video. If you are still not confident with a camera and microphone or you just don’t have the time to put a decent video together, buy someone in. Videographers are plentiful and relatively inexpensive… and they will guarantee that you have a quality final cut in the end.

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