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Five things to look for before investing into a start-up

Five things to look for before investing into a start-up. The world of start-ups sounds very exciting, and it can be if you back a winner. But the reality is many start-ups don't get further than first base. And with a host of opportunities being presented to us daily via various investment platforms, how does one find the time to understand the deals in order to make a sounds investment decision. Here are five keys things you should look for before investing into any start-up.

This Team Believes they have the Cure to Cancer in Sight

- Investor Presentation, Thursday July 20th, 7pm -
The Biotech world has started opening up to Shadow Foundr, courtesy of new affiliations forged at various universities and innovation centres.
It is a world that is vitally important for our health and well-being, and one that is helping us to live longer, happier lives.

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Tech Disrupter: Bubblo. Peer-review social meet-up app

Bubblo is a true tech-disrupter. It’s a classic example of how technology is evolving, layer-upon-layer. It demonstrates perfectly the convergence of data sources available today by blending the big open data of social media with the fantastic automated intelligence of IBM’s chess champion Watson.

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Bubblo – Event – 2nd March

Bubblo - Thursday 2nd March - CitizenM bankside
Partnered with several impressive blue-chip companies, Bubblo is an intelligent discovery app that harnesses the Artificial Intelligence power of IBM’s Watson supercomputer, to rank venues based on customer check-ins, digital reviews, and social media feedback. It then matches this with the unique preferences of consumers to give them their very own personalised “Top 5” venue recommendations wherever they are, in real-time.

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Shadow Foundr Raise About to Close

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, Shadow Foundr are set to close off our own round of funding and enter the 2017-18 year full of gusto. Already we have begun the marketing campaign to attract a wider audience to our platform and our recruitment of additional resource has begun in earnest.

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Evaluating a startup: million pound investment or huge mistake?

Whether for purposes of philanthropy (such as giving a helping hand to your entrepreneurs) or because they believe that they have spied a good business opportunity, many investors feel tempted by the idea of investing in a startup. Accordingly startups often attempt to attract large scale investments by advertising the amount that their business will be worth once it is up and running. However, can such statements be trusted? Is that new startup really worth 5 million pounds, and how can you tell?

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